About Rich

Hi there, my name is Rich. I’m glad you’re visiting my blog today. I truly believe in personal development, maintaining good health, building my career, fostering relationships, and minimalist living. In other words, I want to become the best person I can be! Over the years, I’ve experimented with many cool products and fancy diets. I’ve also read many life altering books and traveled all over the world meeting some fantastic people along the way. One day, it hit me. “Why haven’t I shared my experiences to the world?” One thought led to another and then this blog was born.

Let me tell you how I came about the name, “Rich to Infinity”. Well…. Rich is my first name and infinity, this can mean so many things. For myself, when I look at its symbol (∞), there are two circles looping into each other with no end. To me, life represents this. I feel I have an ongoing responsibility to keep improving as a person. There are no limits and it keeps going. I decided, this blog would record my personal journey to becoming a better human being. I believe the best way to tackle this feat is to explore the areas in health, finances, career, relationships, personal development, and my legacy (if any). These are the pillars I’ve found to make up my happiness and you will find many of my posts carrying those common themes. Consider this my memoir of some sort.

So, you are probably wondering how I got here. Well, I’ve been working in the retail and food service industry for over 10 years and have seen just about everything during my stint. Growing up and raised by a family of Entrepreneurs, I’ve come to accept that I’ll always have the desire to start things up. My biggest leap was in 2011 when I first opened up my own cafe. After that, I went into Project Management earning my Masters at the end of 2016. Since then, things have been moving rapidly from building my career to developing this blog you’re reading today.

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