Building my Personal Brand

Personal Brand

Hello everyone,

For the past 2 years I found myself coming back here for whatever reason. Maybe deep down inside I wanted this blog to serve a purpose. You can look back at my previous post attempts promising book reviews, life hacks, productivity/time management tips, etc but time again, I never really followed through or held myself accountable. The idea has always lingered but I never took the initiative, and every time I saw opportunities pass (if only I had just stuck with it) I would beat myself up for it and the negative thoughts would creep up holding me hostage, telling me why I don’t have what it takes:

  • “There are other people doing this better than you can and will ever. What’s the point of trying?”
  • “You don’t have enough time for this. You should focus your attention on what makes you money instead. It’s a waste of your time.”
  • “You’re writing is horrible. English wasn’t even your first language.”
  • “Who are you to advise anything to anyone? Who the hell would listen to you?”

Those are just a small sample size of the thoughts I would get. Welcome to my world.

A Little more info about me

Everytime I took a hard look at myself, all I could see were the things I wasn’t happy about. I always thought I’d be a millionaire by now with a few investments in real estate, stocks as well as a family of 4 (and a dog!) with a big, ol’ house somewhere in the suburbs. Guess what? I am nowhere near that. I made some stupid mistakes that set me back. Maybe one day I’ll go into details but for now believe me, I’m not close. I recall dying a little everytime I watched my peers live out their dreams, while I was stuck wondering what I wanted to do with my life. It’s not that I wasn’t happy for them, because I was, but it made me sad that I couldn’t join them.

I was supposed to live here

Inspiration at last

A mentor of mine, whom I’m forever grateful for, introduced me to The Slight Edge and Entrepreneurs on Fire (EOFire)*. After reading the book and listening to the podcasts, I started to change in a positive direction. The Slight Edge really taught me the importance of habit and EOFire made me believe in myself by hearing successful entrepreneurial stories. Most of them had it worst than I did. How could I possibly feel bad about myself when others were less fortunate? Little by little I started to see some light and pivoted my perspective but found a new conundrum. I was learning how these people made it in their journey but how was I going to make it too?

I can be pretty mean to myself. These excuses and thoughts are the real reason I never took off with this blog. I made numerous attempts but couldn’t figure out what to write about on a regular basis. Sure I enjoyed reading self improvement books, but I don’t read enough to crank them out every week. I also found a million bloggers dedicated to life hacks who could blog like I never could. What hasn’t been done before? What topics are not saturated? And most importantly, what can I offer to help others like me? I couldn’t figure out my niche or what to do with myself and I couldn’t find my big idea. It wasn’t until I made the biggest change of my life.

*I am in no way affiliated with Entrepreneurs on Fire or Jeff Olsen’s The Slight Edge. They don’ even know I exist. Maybe one day I can shake their hands. These materials really did change me

Change can be good

In late 2018, my girlfriend told me she was offered a job at Silicon Valley and at that moment, I had to make a decision to stay in my home city of Boston, or move to a whole new area not knowing anyone there. Which one do you think I went with? You guessed it. Essentially, love brought me to CA. I dropped everything and moved with my GF to the Bay Area. This maybe the dumbest or best decision I’ve ever made in my life depending on how you want to look at it. I decided the latter would be my view. Instead of coming up with a million reasons why it was a dumb idea, how about a million reasons to support it. If you are not convinced then that is a shame. It is still a better love story than Twilight.

Need I say more?

My realization

So I’m a month in California now. I’m pretty much all by myself. No family and friends. I have been trying to find a job since I got here (like I said, could be the dumbest move I ever made) and my back is really against the wall. I’m definitely outside my comfort zone guys, feeling like Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz over here.

Hey it’s me again, but in California

That’s when it hit me. Why hasn’t there been a more transparent blog about acquiring followers? Whenever I read articles on how to gain more, the directions were as general as an Ikea instruction booklet. In addition, the social media environment changes as fast as New England weather. Just because one approach worked 2 years ago doesn’t mean it will work in today’s climate. I kept thinking. I slept on it and kept it in the back burner. That’s when one day, I thought to myself how I should create a blog that follows my personal branding attempts. It suddenly all came together.

Literally every Ikea Instruction

Instead of feeling sorry for myself I should make it work for me. I’m pretty much at ground zero with all of my social media properties and my project blog is still in its infancy. Why not have Rich to Infinity cover the work behind my other blog? For those wondering, the title of my other blog is Chow You Later, a site dedicated to all things food. I created it less than a year ago in hopes to generate some side business in freelance writing, food photography, consultation services, affiliate marketing, endorsements, ect.

This is why you should subscribe

In a world of constant data breaches, fake news, and questionable social media practices by influencer marketing (see Fyre Festival), it’s really difficult nowadays to trust anyone. For my blog, Rich to Infinity, I found my calling. I’m going to make my situation work for me. Now is the best time to give you an inside glimpse into blogging. Afterall, if I started this blog with thousands of subscribers/followers, would you believe me? Probably not. As of today my stats stand:

Nothing to write home about

How about them apples? Not exactly the sexiest numbers, but I want you all to see how far I’ve come through my efforts. This is the most open I’ve ever been. I’m usually a private guy. I want to be the voice for anyone in my situation: jobless and hopeless. You don’t have to be sorry for yourself. You can embrace the challenge and do things your way! It’s important for me to show everyone the power of believing in oneself.

So, I’m on a quest to build my personal brand and will share you all my opinions, findings, shortcomings, and campaigns. I will look into LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and any other ones that come along the way. YouTube is in the pipeline too. If there are any affiliate links or partnerships I may have I will let you know. Afterall, we’re all on the same journey to get to that level aren’t we?

Wish me luck guys as I embark.

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