Weekly Update #22

Finally back into my rhythm! I’m getting my groove back and I will say there was a time I thought I wouldn’t see it come back but thanks to the new month of August I’ve been able to turn things around. It’s amazing when you have the feeling of a clean slate. Every month I like to reflect and set my personal goals and go over with myself what I needed to do better.

1.) Blog

I need to figure out how to write 2 blog posts a week. Need to streamline my process. This week I wrote one on how to increase Instagram Engagement. This week I will aim to write about lab-made protein because Beyond Meats and Impossible Foods have been trending pretty well.

2.) Instagram

Surprisingly, I’m not too far behind my goal of 3K in the month of July. At the rate I’m going I think I can get 4K by the end of August. I also won my first Giveaway with one of the restaurants attending the Asian Night Market this weekend. I want to continue my pace. Having an audience attracts the sponsors¬†and business opps!!

3.) Twitter

Twitter is a new development. Just out of the blue, I decided I will be working on my Twitter Account. This will be my first attempt at growing an audience so let’s see where it takes me. Lately I’ve been really into the DNC debates and found myself drawn to Twitter for the real-time comments and since then, I’ve been somewhat hooked. I think Twitter is a great way to get my name out there and it looks a little more promising than Pinterest. With that said, I am going to aim for 10 new followers a day, so 300 by the end of August. Just the last couple of days, I was able to get 28 so I think it’s plausible.

4.) Pinterest

I don’t really know where Pinterest is taking me. All I know is I’ve plateaued with my follower count and I need it around to promote my blog posts. Currently, I’m just using it to pin my blog entries to promote myself. Maybe one day, after an accumulation of my posts I can see better returns but for now I’m not seeing my activity for me to invest more efforts.

5.) Any Lesson(s) Learned

I think I found a way that’s helped my time management. It takes some elements of the Pomodoro Technique but is pretty much its own method. This happens to me a lot. I would start on a task, and then in about 15 minutes I would get distracted and get lost into something else. It’s almost like I’ve gotten hypnotized and found it difficult to get out of it. So what I found to snap myself out of it is to move or physically do something else that’s on the to-do list. The key is to make sure the next task is simple enough. It has to be broken down to a granular level. If I had to assign time to it, I would say a task that would take about 15 minutes to do. Once that task is complete, move on to another task that takes 15 minutes. You have to be very aware of the time otherwise it’s possible to fall back into the trance of distractions. If caught in a trance, you have to physically move or do something to snap out of it. I found this method works really well. Maybe one day I’ll write a post about it.

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