Weekly Update #23

Weekly Update #23

1.) Blog & Pinterest

I had big goals this week. I actually wanted to complete 2 blog posts and found I was a little too ambitious. My biggest obstacle has been figuring out what days to do what because of not really knowing how long certain tasks would take. Case and point, this week I was to post a Keto Sardine Recipe. One would think it’s just writing the post and snapping pictures. Wrong! Believe it or not, it’s more to it than that! I propose a new schedule I will need to follow as if my life depended on it. Nah, I’m kidding but this is how I plan on approaching my weeks (assuming I’m posting a recipe):

  1. Monday – Keyword Research/Headlines/Write content
  2. Tuesday – Get Ingredients and Create Recipe Instructions.
  3. Wednesday – Style Food Set up/Photoshoot/Post-Dev Photos
  4. Thursday – Calculate Nutrition/SEO/Featured Image/Promote!
  5. Rest of Week – If unfinished, then you have to use the weekend


Pinterest will now be moved as part of my BLOG section. I figure it is most appropriate here since I’m not really doing much on it besides creating pins.

2.) Instagram

I hit 3000 Followers this week! Next, the goal is 4000 for the end of August. I’d like to lower my following count. At this point, it can get messy really fast if I don’t control it. This Followers to Following Ratio also doesn’t look good to sponsors so will need to begin lowering the count. How? By being more selective with who I follow. At this point, I pretty much know who are likely to follow me back.

3.) Twitter

Just as I had thought, getting Twitter followers works very much like Instagram. The Follow for Follow method really works! This week I managed to prove it to be the case by acquiring 95 new followers. I found Twitter useful for times when I’ve over-exhausted my Instagram Follows/Unfollows/Likes. I can move over Twitter.

4.) Any Lesson(s) Learned

Weekends… are what extra days are for if you don’t get your work done on the weekdays.

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