Weekly Update #24

Happy Birthday Weekend to Emily!

1.) Blog & Pinterest

I need to make up for the two blog posts I missed this week. Totally my fault for not coming through with it. Will need to force myself for it to come out.


2.) Instagram

My Instagram is continuing to grow at the same pace.

3.) Twitter

Seeing growth at the same pace again.

4.) Any Lesson(s) Learned

Agassiz Tree

I spent most of this week planning for Emily’s (my girlfriend) Birthday week and I will say it was worth all the time invested. I planned for 2 different surprises and we had a little bit of everything from meeting with friends, taking wine courses, and nature trails. The experience and memories you get back are worth more than any blog post or clout. We went to the gold rush towns of Sonora, Youngstown, Twain-Harte, and Murphy. Seeing the history there was inspiring and the highlight of the trip was seeing the thousands of years old giant sequoia trees. They were majestic and makes me think about the beauty of nature. I’m usually ok with hikes but this one was perfect especially with the pine cones that can be smelt throughout the Calaveras Big Tree State Park. The lesson learned here is to go out and explore. Come back stronger and refreshed.

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