Weekly Update #25

Week 25 Featured Image

It happened… I finally began uploading my 360 videos to Youtube. This was the first of many. I didn’t realize how long uploading these videos actually took but it’s quite a while. The process itself is somewhat long more because of the rendering as the files are huge! If it wasn’t for that, it would be a lot shorter. Anywho, I got a few uploaded. I’m actually excited to show people all the places I’ve captured on my 360 camera. Once the content has been uploaded, I can try to optimize the SEO and make any video edits.

1.) Blog & Pinterest

This week I finally published a blog post about the benefits of Zipkick. Let’s see how it does. I also got my certificate of completion for Google Analytics Beginner’s Course. Next up is the advanced course and then the exam for the Individual Qualification (IQ) Certificate. I really wanted to get another blog post published but it turns out time again got the best of me. I did make an attempt at a keto carbonara recipe but it fell apart at the photoshoot. Will need to make a second attempt.

2.) Instagram

Need to get those sponsors going. I applied to 2 Zipkick Campaigns but was put on the waiting list. I get it, I need a certain amount of followers and a certain number of followings. Influencing is a job within itself. Lots of granular work.

3.) Twitter

The same can be said about Twitter. Need to keep gaining followers and maybe an agency like Fohr might take notice of me. Besides that, at 281 followers, it’s going to take some time. At some point, I need to figure out how to explode in follower count.

4.) Any Lesson(s) Learned

There’s a chance it might be all coming together. My biggest challenge is combining Restaurant Reviews, Travel, Low Carb Recipes, Foodie Influencer articles, etc. How do these actually relate with each other? I think if I can figure it out, that would be my brand and it could be something very special. For now, I have to stay on the grind and keep pumping content and building my audience. Numero 1 and 2. It’s been that way for a while but I know my work is getting better and I have a lot to show for it.

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