Weekly Update #26

Weekly Update 26

What a great week, this is how it should be. Always and forever!

1.) Blog & Pinterest

One of the major reasons this week has been so great is because I was able to publish 2 blog posts this week! I know, it doesn’t sound much but for me it is! That’s a milestone in itself. I also have one more on the way, which would have made it 3 but I had some issues with the testing of my recipe. As for Pinterest, what do you know? As I create new pins for my post, I get more followers. This verifies the fact, the correlation between having an active account and garnering followers. Next week I will have a Keto Carbonara Recipe and in the works is a Keto Saag Paneer.

2.) Instagram

As for those 2 sponsors I applied for, I haven’t heard back. I guess it’s safe to say I didn’t get the gig. It’s ok, no sweat. I only have one more day left to hit 4000 followers on Instagram and I’m going to push. It may be difficult though because it already appears people are out on Labor day meaning less activity. I’ve also had an increase in profile visits. I think it’s because I’ve been more engaged on the Instagram Story side watching stories and sending them a DM. Just by doing that, my profile views nearly doubled which is great because I really want them to check out my website. At the end of the day, it’s a numbers game and I need to be persistent.

3.) Twitter

It’s funny that with each social platform, there are different means of communication and users. Some of my followers’ tweets are hilarious and well crafted. Most of the times, better crafted than Instagram. With Twitter, it reminds me of a place where people publicly reveal their innermost thoughts. Some should have never been public in the first place but hey, if it floats their boat then who am I to judge. I’m going to keep going with my audience growth plan.

4.) Youtube

I’m still learning the ins and outs of Youtube and considering taking a stab at it in the same way as my Twitter account, putting in small incremental chunks of effort each day. What that is? I’m not sure yet but it’s naturally going to come because I’ve been uploading my 360 videos.

5.) Any Lesson(s) Learned

Social Media is addictive. There’s definitely a danger there and I feel like users are constantly dangling between depression and euphoria. Post something and when it gets no likes or comments then the depression kicks in, and then 5 minutes later go back on the apps and you see a bunch of likes then there’s a moment of euphoria. This can’t be healthy. I think the key will be to monitoring these emotions and realizing they’re not real and it’s part of the terriroty.

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