Weekly Update #28

Week 28

A shakier week it was but still maintained the momentum. There were 3 things that took up the majority of my time: 1.) Blog Posts 2.) Instagram Cleanup, and 3.) The Mid Autumn Festival.

That’s me and the moon. Happy Mid Autumn Fest everyone!

1.) Blog & Pinterest

This week I wanted to publish two posts but ended up publishing one about 100 followers a day and updating an older post regarding my Keto Shopping List. These 2 were enough to take up the majority of my week.

2.) Instagram


This week, I also I dedicated the bulk of my time cleaning up my Following list and my growth rate is back to about 30 Followers a day. I’m in the process of writing a new post about cleaning up one’s Instagram account which I would work on in between my blog posts for this week. In this week alone, I dropped it from 7500 to 6554 which is a pretty big accomplishment in my opinion, given Instagram’s recent enforcement of action bans.


For my 360 photo account, things got a little weird. My account has been acting up. I think I got a soft ban due to following too many people at a time. They didn’t send me a message but you can tell, there’s a big drop in the number of notifications I’ve been receiving. It’s almost like I don’t exist and it’s not a surprise to me. I’m going to chill a little bit on this account.

3.) Twitter

Even though I aim for 10 followers a day, I’ve noticed it getting more difficult to grow. I think for the most part, it’s because I just haven’t spent enough time on Twitter to give it some quality thought. As long as I’m using my time for higher priority items such as my blog posts and Instagram, I guess I can’t complain too much.

4.) Google LG & Yelp

I really tried to get these updated this week but couldn’t get there on time which has been bothering me a lot. It’s going to have to get done this coming week.

5.) Any Lessons Learned

The weekends and holidays are always nice to have because it means a break from work. But at the same time, a break means a break in routine, flow, and rhythm. I’m not saying going on a break is bad, but I am going to say it’s how we respond and get back on track is most important. It’s easy to get off track and continue to fall off, so I think what defines a person is how well they can get back into things.

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