Weekly Update #29

Weekly Update 29

Solely based on the numbers it looks like I’m having another great week but when you move effort to one direction, it affects something else. Overall, I’m happy with the week but my biggest irk is not having been able to post anything this week on my blog!

1.) Blog & Pinterest

I broke my streak of posting at least once a week. I guess streaks are meant to be broken. To make a long story short, my GF and I have been trying to stick to a budget on our groceries. The first two weeks of September was pretty good, and then came this week. We realized we were spending too much, too fast and that’s when my aspirations of publishing a keto pho recipe crashed. Instead, due to cheaper ingredients I have been working on a Keto Pizza recipe but that is still in the works! Keto pho will have to wait til next month. In the meantime, we’re going to be living off leftover pantry items we haven’t touched in months.

2.) Instagram


Spoiler Alert! I actually reached 5000 followers a few hours later. That is big achievement for me. I’ve been trying to get to this point for months. Now I am going to apply for a couple of influencer agencies. I also got action blocked! That was a scare. Fortunately, it was just for a few hours but I know I have to be careful otherwise I risk getting blocked again which would definitely hinder my growth. The unfollowing has taken up a good chunk of my time I want to say. It’s not difficult by any means, but just tedious.


The weirdest thing about the action block was that it affected my R2i account too. I got action blocked there as well. It’s weird. Instagram is weird and being ridiculous. At the rate they’re going, if they’re not careful enough another company may just take them over.

3.) Twitter

Steady gains as usual. It’s funny though, whenever Instagram acts up I move to Twitter and get more comfortable there. There’s definitely going to come a day when I may switch efforts because I never want to leave all my eggs in one basket.

4.) Google Local Guide and Yelp Elite

I reached Level 8!!!!!! It took almost 4 years of my life so it’s worth every bragging right. That was another time consumer having to upload 3 pictures at a time. I already know Yelp is going to take a lot of time too but I want to keep my Yelp Elite status.

4.) Any Lessons Learned

I can be really hard on myself. Just remember to enjoy the journey and the end does not justify the means. Embrace challenges and the unexpected. Be like water.

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