Weekly Update #30

Weekly Update #30

1.) Blog & Pinterest

I got a chance to publish my Keto pizza post but didn’t really get to do much of anything else. A keto snacks list is in the works and when the month of September ends, I will have the keto pho recipe up.

It also appears Pinterest changed their user interface. They added a Community tab and Instead of listing the exact number of followers on my profile page, I have to tap on followers just to know how many. I don’t really like this new interface but that’s my first impressions. Time will tell whether I like it or not.

2.) Instagram


This week I’ve been working on getting 30 followers a day but unfollowing a net negative amount. What I mean is if I followed 40 for the day, then I will unfollow at least 41 to make sure I’m seeing a deficit. It’s become apparent these influencer agencies value the Followers to Following ratio and I need to respect that. It will be one romantic the day for me when my follower gains reach my following number as both numbers gap are closing in on one another.


With all this extra work I put on myself, I haven’t had the chance to touch my 360 profile which is fine by me.

3.) Twitter

My Twitter continues to grow at 10 followers per day. Following other’s followers work pretty well I must say. There hasn’t been really a day when I had to make a huge push.

4.) Google Local Guide & Yelp

So my Google Local Guide profile has officially been updated! That took forever. What I’m struggling to do now is updating my Yelp. Basically, I’ve got 10 months of pictures to upload and I’m 4 months away from completing. I should be able to finish this week and if not, then kill me!

5.) Any Lesson(s) Learned

The little things add up. Just do a little amount of work each day and after a month, you will see the fruits of your labor. There will be times when it sucks and it’s an inconvenience but it will be worth it when you look back at your progression. This applies to everything, whether it be working out, staying within budget, social media growth, etc. Keep on trucking!

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