Weekly Update #31

October has begun and that means efforts will be moved around. It’s been crazy busy. For this month of October I will focus more on SEO and working with sponsors. The growth in my social media will take a hit for sure which is fine as I can anticipate that. It’s going to take some good organic growth to happen moving forward for October.

1.) Blog & Pinterest

It’s been a busy week and I think it mostly has to do with the time it takes for me to be uploading pictures to yelp, unfollowing accounts, taking an SEO course, maintaining my Instagram account. Time has become limited and each activity I work on should now be monitored otherwise I run into the danger of not getting anything done. This week I managed to squeeze in a blog post about feature accounts to tag on Instagram. I promoted it on my Instagram Story and so far it looks to be successful.

2.) Instagram


For this month I will aim to grow to 6000 followers but priority will lie in the cleanup of my account. I need to drop my following down to about half of my follower count (approx. 2500) and then can look into growing some more as a secondary goal for the month of October. I have been getting invited to more events on a more frequent basis but not sure if I’m interested as I said, time is getting more crucial.


With so many other things going on, this account is going to stay in the back burner.

3.) Twitter

As I mentioned, this month I will focus more on SEO and working with sponsors therefore, my Twitter growth will also take a hit.

4.) Yelp

I can’t believe updating Yelp is taking me longer than anticipated. It should already be finished by now. It goes to show how many pictures I have taken the last 6 months. I just finished uploading May. Now I’ve got another 5 months to go to completion. Can’t wait to be finished and hopefully by next week you’re seeing a completed update.

5.) Any Lesson(s) Learned

Keep things simple. Figure out your one thing. If you feel you have too many on your plate then it’s time to re-evaluate and figure out what’s the most important task to really move the needle because it’s easy to be overwhelmed and forget priorities and the bigger picture. There is always an end goal.

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