Weekly Update #33

The Great Larry Bird Jersey 33. As we head into the 33rd week I have to announce that I’ll be moving in a different direction in terms of tracking my stats so with that said, this will be the last table you will see for my social media:

I’ve reached some of my goals in terms of where I wanted to be and having acquired and learning new things along this journey I’ve set a different goal. Since this experience, I’ve reached the goal of hitting 5K followers on IG and also played with Twitter building my audience to 715. Now I am moving my focus over to blogging, SEO, and in a little, bit videos. I am really aiming to growing my audience organically and without the use of Follow for Follow which does work but it does get to a point when you just don’t have the time to keep up with it.

Taking Gary Keller’s advice, I am going to focus on the one thing and that’s blogging. I think this kind of content will ultimately be it. The one that matters and will cause the snowball to roll into a giant. In the last week I’ve moved all efforts over to blogging, SEO, and photography in trying to up my image quality. Trust me, they’ve been taking up a lot of my time and social media is going to have to be put on the back burner. Moving forward, my next goals will dedicated to blogging.

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